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copy editor. designer. writer. all of the journalism.


See an overview of my career, highlighted by 10 years at a daily newspaper and my most recent work as a freelance copy editor for online publications.


From section editor to copy editor to page designer to writer to social media poster, I'm a journalist jack of all trades. View examples of my hard work and see my skills in action!


Check out some of my favorite designs and story packages I put together during my time as features editor at the Lawrence Journal-World.


As a journalist, I believe everyone has a story: Even me! Here's a bit more about me and my interests when I'm not correcting people for saying nauseous instead of nauseated.

As a serial comma killer for hire, I'm here to help create, polish and punch up content, no matter where it's published. With more than
10 years of experience editing copy, designing pages and managing content for print and online publications, my jack-of-all-trades background gives me the flexibility to work in various roles on all kinds of projects.


Interested in collaborating on a project or want to know more about me and my work history? Reach out to me in an email, on Twitter or in this fancy form right here.

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